Massage Therapy in Riverside

Massage Therapy riverside

We offer massage therapy in Riverside, California, which provides many health benefits to our patients. In addition to taking care of your spine and nervous system through chiropractic care, massage therapy is important for maintaining proper structural and physiological balance in your body.

Massage therapy helps to relieve anxiety, improve sleep, fight fatigue, optimize immune system function, boost focus, and aids in the healing process for all health conditions.

Massage therapy is an excellent way to balance the stress hormones in your body, promote the “rest and digest” mode of the nervous system, and to simply RELAX your way to healing!

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1st Visit:

  • Initial Consultation
  • Chiropractic & Orthopedic Exam
  • Digital Nerve, Muscle, & Heart Rate Scans
  • Digital Posture Assessment
  • Digital X-Rays (if necessary)

2nd Visit:

  • Report of Findings with the Doctor

Offer available for new patients only. Website special must be mentioned at time of appointment. Adjustment not included.

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Mary Ann - Nurse Practitioner of Advanced Spine and Posture


Mary Ann - Nurse Practitioner of Advanced Spine and Posture


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